About Us


We Are DimensionX – Virtual Reality Enterprise

DimensionX is the premier virtual reality arcade. We have a large selection of room-scale virtual reality experiences for everyone!  Whether you enjoy the exploration of space, or surviving a terrifying zombie apocalypse, we offer a variety of VR experiences perfect for anyone. Our venue has multiple spaces to allow groups of any size to join in on the unforgettable experiences.


Step Into Another Reality

Reality can be overrated, rising rent prices and all the day-to-day stress adds up – it’s no surprise that we want to escape sometimes. But while jetting off to a tropical island to swim with whales or strapping yourself into a rally car to unleash your tension in a crazy race might not be feasible, spending an hour or two at DimensionX virtual reality arcade awaits.

DimensionX has all the social atmosphere of an old-school arcade, with cutting-edge gaming technology that immerses you and your friends in another dimension. Some famous person said that another world is possible (or something like that) if you just open your eyes; here, that’s actually true.


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